Office Wall Overhaul: WP Engine

While with WP Engine I was given the opportunity to lead the creative rejuvenation of our office designs when returning to the office from the pandemic. The goal here was to get people excited to come back in office and provide creative that represented the core of WP Engine as company, as well as, the family-oriented nature of our workforce. I was tasked with designing a 60-foot accent Mural, highlighting our Core Values, and providing visuals for myriad other walls throughout our primary Austin office and 4 other global offices. The designs had to tell a story throughout, but we also wanted to have local connections in each office, and consistency in tone and theme.

The result was 20+ wall design created including the Mural, several unique accent walls, privacy window designs, room naming conventions, neon light designs, and a set of core value wall designs to be used throughout. In addition I created an icon system to be used exclusively on the Austin mural. Working with vendors to get the design exactly how we wanted them, as well as, our facilities team to account for our changing office needs with our new hybrid in-person/remote environment did create some friction, but nothing that I was not able to account for and resolve in a way that satisfied the needs of the stakeholders and my creative vision. All in all I am extremely proud of the final result.

ClientWP EngineServicesMural, Iconography, NeonYear2021

Privacy Preference Center