So It is April Fools day and today capped off the first quarter of 2020 the only way it could, in disastrous fashion! To say Q1 of 2020 has been a failure would be an understatement, not only personally, but collectively. We’ve already edged closer to WWIII, an ENTIRE continent caught on fire (how does it already seem like both of these things were years ago), we’ve had catastrophic earthquakes and floods, there was a swarm of Locusts in East Africa (so mother nature decided to go biblical huh?), we’ve seen an icon taken too soon, and now we are faced with a global pandemic. It’s real easy to just want this year to be over already I mean DAMN, what other curveballs do we have coming our way! On the plus side, we have gotten some pretty solid memes out of all of this:

On a personal note, this year has not been terrible, but it definitely has not been what I had hoped. I set some pretty aggressive goals for myself and am not particularly far along on achieving any of them. So when I woke up this morning and things immediately started not quite going right it felt pretty par for the course. Nothing was necessarily going “wrong” things just weren’t quite going right. So it put me in a pretty shitty mood, and as these things to go, it began to spiral a bit, which is not exactly ideal for my wife who is locked in a house with me, due to quarantine and chill (love you, babe).

Here’s the thing, if things have gotten as bad as they can, the upside is they can only get better. So I’ve decided to shift the narrative, by taking control of the things I can control. I went for a walk to clear my head, got in a workout, had a refreshing call with family, and delightful dinner. Those four simple acts have put me back in neutral and tomorrow I’ll refocus on my goals try and make the rest of this year the best of this year.

That’s my goal for the collective us, things are going to get worse before they get better, but the more we can keep our eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel the better off we’ll be. This year has been an absolute shitshow, but we can’t control where we’ve already been, but we can control where we are going. How can we learn from all of this shit and be better, to ourselves, to each other, and to the world? That’s what I’ll be focusing on, never forget, it gets greater later.

✌🏿 Victory Hand Emoji with Dark Skin Tone Meaning and Pictures